Upcoming Vacation Dates:

I’ll be taking several vacations in the upcoming months, so please take a look at the dates listed below, and see if you need to get on my schedule now before appointments fill up before and after I’ll be out of town! The first of these vacations will occur May 14-18, as I will be heading to Washington D.C. with my husband while he gets some training for his work and we visit several good friends in the area.

Next, I will be going to Florida June 7-11 to visit family as well as to get training in an exciting new modality:  Bamboo Fusion! Using warmed bamboo, this style of massage helps increase the longevity of therapists' hands as well as adding therapeutic value to the massage for clients. I hope to have it added to my service menu in the months immediately following the training, so if you're interested in volunteering as a "training model" to help me refine my technique, please let me know!

Finally, the last major vacation I'll be taking for the spring/summer will be July 30 - August 3, to visit my parents in California and to do a combined celebration of my and my husband's birthdays.

In addition to these weeklong vacations, I'll also be taking off several individual days or short two-day vacations here and there to accommodate travel for family/friend visits and birthdays, weddings, theatre and cosplay events that we have scheduled, and other fun things to give me a bit of a break.

With all this in mind, it is best to book with me as soon as possible to make sure that I can accommodate your preferred dates and times for massage or reschedule for a different date and time if these vacations fall across your normally scheduled sessions with me. Don’t wait!

Package Deals Available!

Package Deals are available for most massages! On the booking page of the website, click the grey drop-down menu that says "Bodywork" to select the "Packages" option. If you cannot find one that suits your needs, feel free to contact me and we can work out a custom package made just for you!

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