Back scrub:  Detoxify and exfoliate your back with a gentle, luxurious treatment that will leave your back feeling soft, fresh, and invigorated.  Choice of salt or sugar scrub.     15 minutes -- $20

Foot scrub:  Exfoliate and soften the feet and lower legs with a deliciously refreshing scrub.  Choice of salt or sugar scrub.     15 minutes -- $20

Dry Brushing

Full Body Dry Brush:  Encourage lymph flow and detoxification with this unique spa treatment.  A natural bristle brush is used to gently exfoliate the skin as it is moved in upward strokes towards the heart -- in the direction of lymph flow.     15 minutes -- $20

Dry Brush Treatment:  A spot dry brushing treatment for the one area you want most detoxified and exfoliated.  Can be requested for any one of the following:  face & decollette, feet & legs, back, arms & hands, or abdomen.     5 minutes -- $6      *Add $4 for each additional area

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