Motherhood Massage:  A mother's body is truly a miracle. It makes room for a new life within while also sustaining that life and nurturing it as it continues to grow. With such drastic accommodations, however, inevitably come certain discomforts. The Motherhood Massage is designed to address these issues as the mother progresses through her pregnancy. Using gentle Swedish techniques as well as positioning* that is safe and comfortable for mother and baby, areas of stress and tension -- the neck and shoulders, low back, legs and feet, and abdomen (if desired) -- are given special attention.

  • 60 Minutes -- $85

*Client will have the choice of lying face-down with the support of a specially constructed pregnancy pad, lying semi-reclined with supportive pillows under the hips and upper body, or of lying on her side with supportive pillows between the legs and arms and under the head. This positioning ensures the safety of mother and baby while still striving to maintain as much comfort as possible for the mother.

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