Melt-Your-Muscles Deep Tissue Massage:  This style of massage is well-known and valued for relieving deeply-seated tension and pain.  By first warming up the area with Swedish strokes and then gradually working deeper into the muscle layers as they relax a little at a time, deep tissue massage melts the tension and leaves muscles feeling released.  This is especially beneficial for individuals with a few overly-tight and painful areas which need a little extra TLC, as the slower, more focused nature of the massage means that usually only two to three areas can be effectively worked on in one session.

  • 30 Minutes -- $45

  • 60 Minutes -- $85

  • 90 Minutes -- $110

  • 120 Minutes -- $140

Package Deals are available for most massages! Click "Buy" on the Packages option of the booking page to view the options. If you cannot find one that suits your needs, feel free to contact me and we can work out a custom package made just for you!