Outside Perspective: A post from milk + honey spa

My first post on this blog was titled "Tell Me How to Do My Job," and it was designed to try and encourage my clients to communicate with me about their needs and desires for their massage session. In this post from milk + honey spa, located in and around Austin, Texas, one of their therapists goes into more detail on why communication with your therapist is vitally important to your massage session. Enjoy!


Why Get a Spa Treatment?

As a massage therapist working in a spa environment, I often get the idea (from people that don't visit a spa very often) that they think spa treatments are simply "fluff" treatments or meaningless pampering. If they want to see real results, they insist, they'll get a massage or other bodywork done. They don't need all the unnecessary stuff like the wraps and the scrubs. If you happen to be in this group of people, I respect your opinions because at first glance and without knowing the reasons behind the spa treatments, they really do just look like fluff.

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