Do Your Legs Need Massage?

That may sound like a silly or even rhetorical question, but think about which areas come to mind when your massage therapist asks you on which spots you would like extra work. My guess, having asked this question of each client I see, would be that the back, neck, shoulders, feet, and maybe hands would take precedence over the legs for the majority of people. We just don't think about them that much. But honestly, which muscles in your body work harder than those in your legs? Your heart is an obvious answer, but we as massage therapists certainly cannot (and would not) work on your heart muscle. Other than that, few besides the postural muscles come to mind.

Our legs are powerhouses. They work for us all day long. Even if you are stuck in a desk job, your legs still have to work to support you on the chair. If they went totally limp, you would lack the necessary support to be able to properly maintain your seat. Ask anyone who has amputated legs, and you will get an appreciation for just how much work those limbs do, even when it seems that they are at rest. Despite the fact that they work all the time, however, most of us ignore our legs, paying attention to them only when something goes wrong and they suddenly start to complain. Often, this is because of an injury, maybe even one that could have been prevented by consistent massage treatments helping to relax the area and maintain its health.

So next time you go in for a massage, think about asking your therapist to spend a little more time on your legs than usual. I know that the extra attention to your usual favorite spots feels amazing (I often request more time on my feet, face, and scalp and will freely admit that I don't like giving up that time to other parts of my body), but at least for one session, they will probably be okay without their pampering. Your legs deserve it just as much because of all the faithful work they do every day to support and transport you wherever you need to be.