Aromatherapy Massage Spotlight: Clarifying Conifers

For those of us who live near forested mountains or enjoy hiking through them on a regular basis, the scent of pine woods can conjure up memories of good times spent in nature, enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, and leaving behind the pressures of life to refresh ourselves in the wilderness.  The feeling of freshness and euphoria that can accompany such a hike are due in part to the uplifting aromatic scents of the various species of pine that are found in many mountain ranges.  The Clarifying Conifers Aromatherapy Massage combines essences of several of these pines to take advantage of their unique properties.

Silver fir (Abies alba) is renowned for its ability to open up the respiratory system as well as tone and relax the muscles, reduce stress and tension, and uplift the mind and mood.  With a light, smooth (dare I say silvery?) scent, this oil is a pleasure to smell and is extra-beneficial to the health of the whole body.

Juniper berry (Juniperus communis), used as a main ingredient in gin, is also a valuable aromatic plant.  Encouraging release of tension in the muscles while enabling the body to retain an alert mentality makes this a gem for individuals looking for a great way to relax their bodies without affecting their productivity.  In fact, they are more likely to increase their productivity!

Black spruce (Picea mariana) has the ability to increase circulation in the areas of the body to which it is applied.  This quality makes it ideal for encouraging healing in damaged tissues as well as for preparing for strenuous exertion of the muscles.  Its scent leaves one clear, grounded, and focused; ideal for athletes and weekend warriors alike.

Finally, pine (Pinus sylvestris) rounds out the blend with its classic scent.  Having properties similar to the other conifers – toning muscles, increasing circulation, opening the respiratory system, and uplifting the mind – this oil is the most versatile of the group as well as the most well-known and widely used.  Together with its counterparts this oil provides fantastic health benefits to both the body and the mind.  Now that you know why you should come get the Clarifying Conifers Aromatherapy Massage, be sure to book an appointment and give it a try!