Practicing What We Preach

It is a common problem in our world today that we don't always practice the things that we preach.  Massage therapists can be especially guilty of this fault, as we tirelessly work to give others a time of healing and relaxation while depriving ourselves of that very same time that we tell our clients is so necessary to their health.  Certainly doesn't seem to be a very good example we're setting for you, does it clients?  I realized this as I finished up a month's worth of additional training in several massage modalities – an intensive course of classes every weekday from 9am-6pm – and tried to go straight back to massaging people.

The strange thing was that, contrary to what I thought was going to occur, what with my new-found knowledge to wield, I really didn't feel excited to go right back into massaging my clients.  There were certainly some mornings that I woke up with appointments on the books wishing that everyone would cancel so that I could get a day to myself.  The truth is, I was tired (and who could blame me after a month-long intensive course?).  And while I was happy to see my clients again and give them some time for rejuvenation, I needed a little rejuvenation myself and had to be honest with myself about it.

So what did I do?  I took my own advice and tried to give myself a little time to recover my energy and drive.  It took some doing, as my life is busy enough without massaging clients, but I got to sleep in a few days here and there.  I got to read a good book (or rather, a good series of books) that I had been putting off because I didn't feel I had the time to spend upon it.  I enjoyed the company of my family and got some bodywork done on myself.  I made time for the things in life that give me the greatest joy and the greatest healing.  And now, after having followed my own advice, I'm not only ready to go back to massaging my clients with all the passion and drive that I had before my month-long hiatus, I'm also ready to do it as a good example to them.  In endeavoring to practice what I preach, I hope to be a more trustworthy guide when helping my clients along their paths to health.